Southern Grove moves into new head offices

Our new space includes some surprising tenants. We’ve been planning and designing our new offices for some time now. So when moving day came around, we were really excited at the prospect of life around the corner, on Argyll Street in Soho.

For starters, there was the 176 inch TV, table football, pinball machine and smart bar to look forward to. But even then, most of the talk was around the new members of our team – the 10 piranhas shipped straight from the Amazon who would take up residence in a bespoke tank near our new front door.

Our move into new premises reflects our growth into a sizable business. Just three people in 2013, we’ve grown to comfortably fit in 2,100 sq ft office – and look set to welcome new colleagues over the coming months. It’s certainly an exciting period for us at Southern Grove. Especially during feeding time.